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02-11-2010, 06:25 AM
Originally Posted by Katarine
Just to clarify, are there no BO's (Purple, Very Rare) that have High Yield III?


Any BO's that have Medical Tricorder III

Are these only ever trainable by Tac/Sci officers? If that is the case, what Engineering ability can only be trained by Engineering Officers that will never be found on a BO?

Thanks in advance.

(I search the Exchange daily for Medical Tricorder III, so this will save me time looking if this is the case)
It is safe to assume that none of the abilities that are unlockable by players through spending skillpoints are ever found on rare BOs.
There is one exception that I am aware of and that is Attack Pattern Omega III. Aside from this one, I never saw an unlockable ability on a rare BO.

Engineering player exclusive skills are, well, those unlocked with skills in the engineering area of the player skills.
There are a couple that I recall from the top of my head: Emergency Power to Shields/Engines/Auxiliary/Weapons III, Directed Energy modulation III, Extend Shields III. Possibly Reverse Shield Polarity III as well but not sure about thatone.
There are probably more but those are the ones I recall seeing in the player skill tree that can only be gained by engineering players.