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02-11-2010, 08:30 AM
Originally Posted by Cynabal View Post
Ive noticed this with mines, i driop my mines and POW! NOTHING!! only 16 second cooldown after which i missed my chance to dump mines inot a enemys face.. also is it me or is the lag getting unbearably bad?
It's not just you. I think it's ridiculous that you can't depend on your controls in-game. We know it's not our keyboards/keypads because of the in-game effects (such as a cooldown for nothing, as well as the icon blinking like it was activated, then nothing happens). This is one of my major peeves with this game. If this were a first person shooter, this would sink the game. As it is now, it's pretty freaking annoying, and detracts greatly from the game, that in the middle of battle, I have to check my little weapon/skills icons to see if something has fired, and if not, if I can fire it again or have to wait for the cooldown when nothing happened.