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02-11-2010, 08:55 AM
This bug has been in since before the patch, and I submitted a bug report the first time it happened, though I should probably send another one for the second incident.

The first time, I'm not 100% sure what happened. A Klingon player raced past me with cloak + full impulse, got shot by myself + other Federation players, and flew right through some guy's mines. He seemed to be lagging a little bit, and within a few seconds he was showing as friendly to all of us, and hostile to the Klingons. I couldn't attack him, but could heal; and he and other Klingons attacked each other several times. He even showed up on the Federation side of the scoreboard. I tried inviting him to a team, but it gave an error saying he was on the wrong faction.

The second incident it actually happened to me. My crappy/unstable DSL totally cut out during a match, but came back up within a few seconds. When I logged back in I was still in a group with the one friendly player that I'd been with before, and was able to see that they were engaged in combat across the map. I raced over to them at full impulse, and when I got close enough I saw what appeared to be a Vulcan player name who showed as friendly to me; I targeted that player and noticed low shield/hull health, and dropped some heals as soon as I was within which point I noticed it was one of two Klingon ships that were engaged in battle with my Federation friend.

All 3 ships showed as friendly to me at that time, and I could take no hostile action. The Klingons, however, did begin shooting at me (after I'd healed one - the nerve!) After a few minutes, I got dropped from the group I was in, and all Federation ships turned hostile (though Klingons were no longer able to shoot at me). I checked the scoreboard, and sure enough, I showed up on the Klingon side.