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# 13 I don't like DPS battles..
02-11-2010, 08:06 AM
My Opinion: I much prefer Skill vs. Counterskill over placing emphasis on DPS battles. (by Skill I mean BO skill/abilities - not outside the game mechanics player skill). I think there is a decent balance on these two factors now if the skills all worked as intended - but quite a few skills need tweaking or fixing.

I do believe that there are a few horrid loopholes in the skill mechanics as it stands especially with regards to cooldowns. Spamming and stacking skills like RSP or Science Team or Rapid Fire for the majority of your combat should not be possible - I don't care how you rationalize it. It is not a good game mechanic. PvP will continue to be very problematic until a few of the cooldown and stacking issues are resolved and a number of skills get tweaked so that they are useful but not overpowering.

It would be better if skills could not be used so often so that they become a bit more "special" but I would not want to reduce their impact.