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02-11-2010, 08:11 AM
Faction: Federation
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I was doing the capture and hold map (I forget whether it was the large one or the small one) and it was pretty late at night. I don't think either team was full, and I was sitting by myself at the Sensor Array. A Vor'Cha Cruiser (at +6 levels, if I remember correctly) attacked me, and we duked it out briefly. Once I was able to get on his rear shield, I hit him with a full-Aux Subnucleonic Beam, and immediately cranked up my weapon power to give it all the damage I could. When the beam was about to wear off, I followed it up with a Viral Matrix and kept blasting. I managed to get his hull fairly low before the VM wore off, at which point I hit Evasive Maneuvers -> Brace for Impact -> Ramming Speed and finished him off.

If that last ditch effort hadn't worked, we probably would have dueled indefinitely; I don't have nearly the damage output required to get through two RSP's, Rotate Shield Frequency, Engineering Teams, Hazard Emitters, etc...