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02-11-2010, 08:27 AM
Woo! They're working for me now! Although typically it's just after I reach Commander level and so no longer have a Constitution Refit with which the Wrath of Khan uniforms can match. Although the WoK uniform bottoms are still too light.

Still a bit buggy though. I can't select the TNG Film combadges on my female BOFFs with the TNG Series uniform (ST:Generations look) although I can do so on my male BOFFs and my character (male too). The background part of the badges also comes up as a deep red when I select gold.

Also, in order to set my rank correctly on my character, I have to leave the tailor and then join again. Trying to make changes to my main in the same tailoring 'session' after I've looked at my BOFFs' uniforms results in errors.

Ah well, this is a lot better but still not perfect.