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02-11-2010, 09:42 AM
Where are people getting the idea that Im asking to get rid of any of the specials...Im asking to increase coold downs and to minimize the impact of repeative spamming of skills.

Im asking that each use during a match reduce th effectiviness of many of the specials for that match. For long matches, there can be an elapsed time at which the effectiveness of specials reset back to 100% and then beginnning deminishing again.

Frankly, I can careless how the specials apply in PvE...for PvE, let the specials stay the way they are. But for PvP, lets see if we can make the use of specials a bit more representitive of Trek, less spaming of specials. Honestly, the rapid weapon salvos is par for the Trek course...but they could even increase the weapon coold downs too.