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02-11-2010, 09:19 AM
I dont think I agree with that...and frankly so what. As long as there are plenty of objctive systems, we'll be able to find a place to hunker down and hold...there will be places the Feds wont be strong. They cant and wont be everywhere all the time. Klingons will have to adapt to guerilla be it, our ships are designed perfectly for it.

We may nothave an easy time taking Fed strong holds...but boy oh boy, Fed outposts beware, Fed stragglers beware, Fed supply lines beware. We'll be able to keep you guys hold up in your Fed Balls and Fed strongholds...but we will control the darkness, the unknown, the less travelled.

The Feds will send out shows of force, large Expedtionary forces...but thats ok too. We will see you coming and we will strike where it is not. Your governemnt will declare victory in the war while your convoys continue to fall to our Raiders, your colonies and outposts burn and smolder from our lightining strike incursions. We'll be the Mr. Charlie to your GI'll make declarations...we'll make statements! Bring it on Feds!