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In every game I play Klingon players whine about Fed balls or flaming me personally for being a "healing ***** in a science ship". What do they expect if they are all cloaked. Expect us to just run out and be focused fire and die in a few seconds?

and yes I will heal. I'm a proud Science ship player and it will remain like that forever.

There's no defense against a group of cloaked Klingon players but to sit in a Fed ball and wait. I think this needs to change. After they nerfed Mask Energy Signature and made it broken/useless what else can we do? I don't think Klingons have any right to whine whatsoever if they are all cloaked and then 'demand* that people break off.

As for Klingons not having a science ship, well. a Klingon player with Universal bridge slots can still set up quite a support ship, but if they don't want to, what's the point in complaining? It's all laid out there for you. Go for it or stop complaining.

-Celiah out!