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02-11-2010, 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by KidGloves
While the whole thing might want an overhaul, the Starfleet Training tree is the one with the most obvious issue. No other tree has entire tiers of skills that are rendered totally worthless simply by levelling.
The problem is, if you change this, now suddenly we need points to spend on these things. Which would be bad enough in T3-T4, especially for science ships, and really bad in T5 for everyone.

The system is designed around 1 tier, 1 tier 2, and 1 tier 3-5 skill. And what you propose would break that, especially in regards to the team skills. Not only would it be a long wait before you can get them, it'd mean nobody would take them. And stripping 2 total options from Tier 1, where your ability to max out skills is already at or near its highest, not a good idea.

In short, if they were to change it, I'd rather see just the T4 and T5 go and the T3 replaced with Advanced ShipType Captain and everything else left alone. But that won't happen.