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02-11-2010, 09:28 AM
Originally Posted by Anach View Post
All phaser/turret/cannon weapons should be able to be set to autofire. Having to mash the spacebar every second is not only difficult for a normal human with only two hands, but not fun.

Having all quick firing beam/pulse weapons to autofire will allow the player to focus on using all their other abilities rather than having to hammer spacebar endlessly. Its distracting.

The same goes for the ground weapon default attack, this should also be autofire.

If this isnt done in game, people will start using macro programs.
Acually I allready have been, sort of. I have a programable keyboard (Saitek Cyborg) and I use it to make a toggled auto fire for this game since Cryptic refuses to even consider making any type of workable auto fire system. I'm sure alot of other people are doing the same thing, or just using macros allready. By not addressing the situation with proper controlls for the game, Cryptic has indeed forced players to seek other means for a managable way to play thier game. Some of these include the macros they claim they did not want people to use in the first place out of fear that some would use them for farming.

Well it just goes to prove that by ignoring a problem long enough, you can and indeed do make it worse. I for one am tired of providing feedback only to be ignored. Why bother to post bug reports that get erased and go unanswered? It's like talking to a wall. They either don't care, don't understand, don't listen, are too lazy or refuse to reply so you don't even know which one it is.

So this is the last time I'll post the way they should have the weapon fire.

You turn on a weapon and it continues to fire untill - the target is dead, the target gets out of range, or you turn it off.

There it is...simple, effective, elegant. No more button mashing till your fingertips wear off. You push the fire button once for each enemy leaving you to manauver, use skills, wrestle with the idiotic camera view...whatever. Now you don't need to run out and buy a new keyboard just to play the game or use some macros that you might find other more dubious uses for.

The question is - Will they read this and respond?....probably not.