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02-11-2010, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by WantMoreKlingons View Post
Here is my idea, have a campaign, like the open beta event, every week with a space and ground component, initially something simple with a single buffing flag or such to try and control to buff your team or score points. The campaign would last for a week and at the end the winning side would get access to unique, powerful gear for x time or to an instance that after completing gets you said gear. Eventually Cryptic could implement a long-term war setup which would take the campaign scores from each week and then give rewards to the winning side and give a buff to the losing side to give the losers a chance to get back to winning.
Thats just a big version of what we already have as single PvP sessions.

Its a war "play date". It wont work..too many Feds, too little KDF. We dont have the option being forced into a pre-planned fight...we'll get massacred everytime.

We need vast, open sectors will multiple systems and even systems with multiple content areas...meaning lots of objectives all over.

We need those NPC freighters moving back and forth between systems to mean something. We need to have sector space be part of the strategic dynamic of sector control and asset utilization(bonuse/buffs, etc) by the holding faction.

If we have pre-planned squat-fest/King of the Hills, the Fed Ball will just nest on it like a mother hen.