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02-11-2010, 09:43 AM
I am afraid that this will never happen in this game.

the way it has started looks very similar to the WoW formula..PvP will remain on the side with battlegrounds of various objectives, and they are preparing for a PvE focus with Raids etc etc...

Which is not that bad in itself, the Combat system is Refreshing enough, and tactical be it PvP or PVE.

That being said however, I do agree with the suggestions here, at one point I think it would be great is there was Sector Blocks that could be more dynamic in nature and could be actually conquered by one side of the other and update that status dynamically on the various maps, as well as show key points of conflict in Real Ttime so that players know where to press for reinforcements or strategies and conquer other objectives, Sector Blocks were Enemies could engage each other freely just like the "Defend Sector X" type of missions where we can engage Enemy NPC controlled enemies or be engaged by them.

Instead of NPC's it could be Players, and these could be Sector Campaigns.

I agree with some type of System that declares a given Faction the winners of the Campaign, which would reward participation to all participants but of course, the best rewards would go to the winners of the the Campaign.

This would give a continuous "endgame" experience for PvP as well.