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02-11-2010, 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by Bloodlance View Post
My perspective as Klingon, ive kept some statistics ( Pug is solo join que, and Premade is the premade i play with )

T1: Pug: majority Kdf win , Premade vs Premade: 40% fed win, 60% kdf win.
T2: Pug: majority Fed win , Premade vs Premade: 10% fed win, 90% kdf win.
T3: Pug: balanced , Premade vs Premade: ~8% fed win, 92% kdf win.
T4: Pug: majority Fed win , Premade vs Premade: ~3% fed win, 97% kdf win.
T5: no info
this right here. the reason being in a premade group the klings have a complete advantage due to cloak. They can have their whole team sit cloaked the entire match and only unlcoak when they have a 100% to get a kill and 0% to suffer a loss. That's all I see anymore, 30 minutes of sitting around doing nothing, a fed gets bored and wanders off because they know the only way they will get to shoot a single weapon is to suicide alone. the klings uncloak, fry the fed in under 3 seconds then cloak again.

now I'm not saying get rid of cloak because that would just be silly, but something needs to be done to give the feds a chance against it. premade vs premade the klinks will always win.