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Raptors itself ARE iconic. They appeard first in the 22. Century when Archer saved a Raptor Crew out of a Gas Giant Orbit. It is a Scout Ship and just because you did not see one in TNG it does not mean it is not iconic. A K'tinga refit or Vo'Quv really is not iconic but a lot of Klingons do fly it so iconic is no real argument. But it is fact that not much players do use Raptors because of it' s disadvantage of not having battle cloak comparing to a Bop. I know two or three Raptor Captains and they do pretty much damage and don' t get destroyed often because of their hit and run tactics. Of course a good Raptor Captains needs a little bit of support like Eng. team, sci. team or extended shields if he is in a bad situation. But if you do so he can make more damage than a Bop.
The Raptor is not was shown on maybe two episodes of Enterprise? The devs took some flash in the pond ship hull and tried to stretchit into some distinct ship linneage. The raptor is a light cruiser that should have been part of the battle Cruiser linneage in game. The Raptor should have been the KDF T1 and T2 Cruiser...stepping stones into the Vorcha and Neg'var.

Its in such dire straits for useage because it was pidegon holed into a role it wasnt intended for...all so the devs could blow smoke of our tails exhalting the number of ships classes for the KDF...we didnt need 3 distinct class hulls like the Feds.

We just need combat dedicatd battle-cruisers(Raptor through Neg'var)...and then a low cost jack of all trades that can be adapted to fill other support roles combat and less-than combat(BoP).