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02-11-2010, 09:59 AM
I received my T3 cruiser yesterday, and only just managed to take it out for a spin this morning and, well, it was a mixed bag experience for me. On the one hand bigger ship, more weapon options slots, and the higher grade Bridge officer slots area a huge bonus for making T3. However I am not happy about the way that auto fire works on the starships. For T1 and T2 having only 2 auto fire options makes sense, because realistically you're going to have 2 beam weapons, one fore and one aft, on your ship for those tiers. Once you hit T3 and you have the additional weapon slot for both fore and aft it adds a bit more variety for weapon choice, or if you're like me an option to add 2 more phaser arrays. The problem is that the game starts to become a button mashing fest because you can only have 2 weapons that can auto fire, and a possible 30 other commands to execute in space.

I can understand Cryptics viewpoint for not making all the weapons able to auto fire. You also really should not be able to place all weapons on auto fire, Torpedoes and Mines are prime examples of why this is so. However I still feel that auto firing needs to be fixed, and here's how I think it should be done. The number of auto firing slots that you can unlock should be related to your ingame rank. ie Ensign - Lt cmdr should have 2 auto fire options, Commanders 4, Captains 5, and Admirals 6 that you can use to best fit your playing style. It isn't complete auto fire all weapons, nor should it be. I would like to hear a Dev's response to this though.