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02-11-2010, 10:10 AM
Originally Posted by skullkandy View Post
it's funny when klingons ***** about the fedball. what would you have us do split up and wander around completely alone so we can be ganked by 3 cloaked BoP? that's like feds asking you klingons to stop using your cloak and instead fly around by yourselves.

So basically you're *****ing because we don't play completely stupidly and suicide ourselves for you benefit.

on the other side feds are *****ing that klingons only ever fight if they have the complete advantage. which is pretty obvious. no klingon will ever engage in a fair fight. but this is to be expected. if given the choice of only ever fighting battles that you have 0% chance of losing wouldn't you do that too?

so maybe if the klingons grew some balls and took on fair fights once in a while instead of sitting cloaked for 30 minutes until the feds get bored enough to suicide themselves just to end the match we would see some real action. otherwise there needs to be some sort of fix for this stalemate.
i dont care what you do, you can do what ever you want the outcome is the same when you face our team in 5vs5 DM map.

stop crying. fedball is only a term.


engagement(from 1st decloak) vs fed players (record)
11 seconds
5 fed players dead.

Thats record vs Fed pug that had 0 healing.