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02-11-2010, 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by Celice
In every game I play Klingon players whine about Fed balls or flaming me personally for being a "healing ***** in a science ship". What do they expect if they are all cloaked. Expect us to just run out and be focused fire and die in a few seconds?

and yes I will heal. I'm a proud Science ship player and it will remain like that forever.

There's no defense against a group of cloaked Klingon players but to sit in a Fed ball and wait. I think this needs to change. After they nerfed Mask Energy Signature and made it broken/useless what else can we do? I don't think Klingons have any right to whine whatsoever if they are all cloaked and then 'demand* that people break off.

As for Klingons not having a science ship, well. a Klingon player with Universal bridge slots can still set up quite a support ship, but if they don't want to, what's the point in complaining? It's all laid out there for you. Go for it or stop complaining.

-Celiah out!
I'm not whining. Your gross overgeneralizations sound more like you trying to talk yourself up about your awesome healing skills.

#2 is untrue. That's just your own ignorance. You'll learn, or you won't.

#3 is incorrect. The kdf has no ship with aux and shield bonus with subsystem targetting until t5. I don't know if they should have it, but they don't. I suspect that the kdf asking for a science ship would probably find out how difficult they are to stay alive in. Arguably, a dedicated sci ship with cloak would be pretty nasty, which is probably why the carrier doesn't have cloak.

The bop does have uni stations which makes it configurable for any role which is interesting, but it's also a paper mache pinata with tiny hull and no shield bonus which cuts into the usefulness of shield tanking and extend shields.

There are terrible, fair, good and excellent players on both sides. The bad ones can't ever see a way to solve a problem or emergent strategy, or work together to overcome them, so they invariably assume that the problem is something other than their own shortcomings. This is not a fed or kdf thing, it's human nature.