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# 3 Cool Transporter LCARS
02-11-2010, 10:44 AM
LOL our IT Dept has deemed your URL to be offensive, so Iíll have to wait till I get home to look, but a quick Google provided a sneak peak on your family blog spot.

Yep this is kind of what Iím talking about. Take that transporter LCARS and put it on a HP touch screen flat mounted in a console top, then map the spot that would energize the transported to your STO ďbeam toĒ key and you would have a pretty good simple control.

Now how about Shield Controls, Weapons, Impulse and Warp Drive ETC.

You could have Next Gen controls up and running for less that 300 bucks plus time investment.

Iím thinking TOS tactical controls for my self. This could actually cost more unless I can find some freeby switches to work with.

Klingon controls might be the easiest as a crude look would be totally in acceptable, even canon.