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02-11-2010, 11:34 AM
just more evidence of cryptics horribly unthought out decisions. Creating the game with no skill cap was stupid because then the game boils down to who has more hours in the day to play which most players hate. Unfortunately they had already built it up to work that way then only changed half the system without any reguard to how it would effect anything else.

I've noticed this trend with them. they don't ever have a plan for anything. they just throw something out there with no thought to the future. other examples include no end game content, lack of real pvp, battlecloak with no working counter, instanced maps in a game where instanced maps don't work well, mission and grouping functions that completely reward and promote afk leachers, autofire system that doesn't work beyond the very first ship, pve only focus with rewards for only dps classes.....the list goes on.

they make a snap decision, don't listen to their customers, don't think it through or plan for what is to come next and tell us all "it's working as intended."