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# 1 So assigning powers is broke?
02-11-2010, 01:02 PM
I recently got promoted to Commander, chose Heavy Escort ship.

I have a tactical officer promoted to Lt. Commander.

She has two tier 1 abilities

One tier 2 and one tier 3.

The two tier one abilities are taking up the first two squares where you assign your crew their powers, and the 2nd tier power takes up the last, and I cannot add the tier 3 power she has (High yeild 3) in the last available square because the tier 2 one is in there, and its not letting me take off any of the two tier 1 abilities.

Long story short I have a Lt Cammander BO with a Lt Commander power, but I cannot assign it because all the other abilities take up the squares and wont budge.

Is there some special ridiculously hard to figure out way to switch the powers that i'm missing here, or is this a known bug, or can it simply not be done, which would be silly.

I hope all that was understandable.

if someone could point me to an already established thread on this, or tell how to reslove it.