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02-11-2010, 01:12 PM
Open PvP would go a long way to 'fixing' the Klingon faction. Why? Because it would give us our universe, the place we'd go to as a faction. Instances can still happen at systems and for individual battles, but we'd have our singular place to roam. As it is now, we have a sector block that serves as a 'walkway' from one instance to another. We pass Feds in sector space like the place is one big TV set, and the actors are taking a lunch break. The immersion is lacking. I sometimes feel it's like the Klingon Karnival and we're all flying round from one 'ride' to the next.

The Feds have their universe and it's a big one, filled with sector blocks of PvE content and roaming npc enemy fleets. Give us our due, Cryptic, as a faction. Even if it's only a single sector block of open PvP. Just give us our due.