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I found that it does help my repair in combat or other wise because when i was tier 1 my hull repaired think 13% in combate and 110% out of combate mind u this is without the trait and with the skill maxed out. now with the skill maxed out as above and with the trait it gave me this. 20% somthing to that effect in combat and 120+% while out of combat now know its not much but do you know how many ships I have killed with just 1% Hull remaining alot.

Now on my main Whos rear admiral lvl 1 I get about 3% hull repair during combat out of combat i get 5 to 10% hull repair
Ok, I did some quick tests. The base hull repair rate (out of combat) is 60% on a brand new character, and 10% while in combat. If that character has the "Techie" trait, the hull repair rate climbs to to 66.0% (the 10% bonus to Starship Engineering Training from the Techie trait modifying the base 60% hull repair rate), and 11% in combat.

That number rises from 66.6% o.o.c. / 11% i.c. to 69.6% / 11.6% with 100 skill points invested in the Starship Engineering Training skill (6% from the skill itself + 10% from the trait modifying the skill for a total of a 16% improvement).

At 700 points invested, combined with Techie, you end up with 76.2% o.o.c. / 12.7 % i.c.

So far, the only stats proven to be modified by Techie and Starship Engineering Training are:
  • Eject Warp Plasma (BO skill) < assuming you plan on taking this.
  • Rotate Shield Frequency < engineer-only player ability, completely useless to science or tactical captains.
  • Your ships "Hull Repair Rate" < useful for everyone.
  • Improves cloaking < if we are to believe the beta patch notes, useful only for the klingon-faction.

So, for non-engineer Federation players, we're mostly focusing on the Hull Repair Rate. The maximum benefit here you can get from the Techie trait and a maxed (shudder) Starship Engineering Training is an additional 28%. In the case of our light cruiser, that bumps the Hull Repair Rate from 60% / 10% to 76.8% / 12.8%.