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02-11-2010, 01:51 PM
So far I'm rank 30 and in space, the only times that I've died were because was too close to a ship when it blew up, I warped into deep space and had the 10 or so ships that seem to path through the entry point jump me (nothing like viral matrix and getting hit with 7 HY plasma torps), I took on large groups of equal level or higher ships by myself, or was in a group mission early in the game and the 2 people I was grouped with warped out and I tried to finish it alone.

I run max weapons and I'm running some green resil shields with higher capacity. Oh, and I'm in an escort and I'm a tactical officer. The space content has been pretty easy. The only time I get any kind of challenge is if I'm fighting +5 or higher ships. Even then, it's usually the groups that cause me problems, not individual ships or battleships.