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02-11-2010, 02:23 PM
The Fed Ball is fine, its valid...and rightfully so, hard to defeat. The issue is that as KDF, PvP forces us to have dismantle the Fed Ball. The problem is that "play date" engagements facilitate the Fed Ball by putting all battle readied Feds in the same place at the same time with a known contigent of KDF "out there" to engage in a tightly confined area.

The Fed Ball is hard to defeat because we shouldnt have to...the secet to defeatig the Fed Ball is the Fed Ball itself...the weak link is in the Fed Ball, the weak link is the players, the weakness in the playres is complaceny and complacency always ears its head with time and patience...something PvP does not encourage.

Basically we need another PvP avenue. One that is open and witout queues. One where the Fed Ball's strength will be forced to be maintaned though discipline and strong player will. Its when the individual(s) fail that the KDF receives its opening.