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02-11-2010, 03:13 PM
It's a bug, unfortunately. I don't know if it's still happening, but I have had two BOs acquire 2 ensign level powers when I trained them to a new skill. For ground missions, you just gain yet another power to use, but in space, where each power is assigned a slot in the console, one of two things can happen: 1. one of the skills in the tier will be listed, but never selectable (bad if it's the new skill you dropped a lot of points into), or 2. what has happened to you, the extra skill will bump another skill out of the console list.

My science BO couldn't use her lv 7 Jam Sensors skill at all, so I just had to swap her out with a new sci BO, and train that one to use the proper skill. You're a lot further along than I was, and if that BO was uncommon, or rare, I can understand not wanting to replace it. >_<

There's a thread over here where other peeps have the same problem.