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02-11-2010, 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by cocoa-jin View Post
im so mad I spent BO points for 5 skill ticks for the Gorn before i remembered I wanted to swap him out. Now I just havent had the patience to spend the points for th 9 ticks he know has. But I might to it tonight...I have like 2000 BO skill points in surplus as I wait to get th last few progression point sto make COm(Im Lt Com 9.8)....and the Gorn is only a ensign with 1 tactical skill...but dadgum it, I rely on HYT I lvl 9.

His replacement is onboard and just waiting to be commissioned.
I did some grinding in the nebulas so I had more Honor and BO skill points. I lost a bridge officer who had Aceton Field I in the LtC slot. Be warned the skill is still bugged (since beta) and if you put them in the Lt C seat of a ship they will not give up that position to anyone else. I had this officer summarily executed for insubordination. I lost all the honor and skill points spent on her though.