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02-11-2010, 04:44 PM
100% agree with changes in first post bar the Rank III as mentioned 2 posts above.

I am only Lt. commander. atm I think when you train over a skill you should get a % of points spent on BO refunded. Or when a BO is sold/kicked out. Not refunding any points at all does not encourage changing and evloving. It encourages sticking with the first BOs you get in game for the entire time. Which is boring. 25/50% refund of points spent should happen.

I actually thought that skills worked the way the topic starter thinks they should work when I first looked at it. To my surprise it doesn't. The way it works now is too confusing. It should work more like 'skill slots'.

Skill point sink is possibly a good idea but I dont know how much you have laying around at later levels.

Also let us filter skills when we go to buy them. I dont want to see tact, engineering skills when I am looking for only science ones. I also dont want to see ground skills when looking for space ones.

Oh and colour code skills on rarity. So I have a BO and train him in X III the skill will show up on him in the right colour. This will make judging BOs easier and will make keeping them and training them more engaging.