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After asking several times on the forums and putting in an actual service ticket, I finally got an answer as to whether or not the Mirror Universe set includes female uniform tops. To whit:

*Currently the Mirror Universe top is exclusively for males. If you would like that changed please start a suggestions thread on the forums in the proper channels. Our dev team checks regularly for suggestions.
Needless to say, this is a disappointment, since it's hard to build a Mirror Universe crew if you can't actually put your female characters into uniforms. At the same time, I don't think it's the most important priority for the costume/character creator team as it stands. After all, the Mirror Universe uniform is an exclusive to Champions Online lifetime subscribers. While they (we) might be disappointed by this, I think the various issues that hit the whole population are more significant.

However, that doesn't change my desire to have female uniforms for my Mirror Universe crew, so here's my proposal:

Please fast track a Mirror Universe female top for the Cryptic Store. At the same time, add an option for the TOS uniform set to have a mirror universe badge instead of the commbadge, so people without access to the MU jacket who do have TOS uniform access could still do a Suluesque Mirror Universe uniform alongside their Uhura special.

Leaving a full sex ununiformed is, I think, a really bad move on Cryptic's part. I'd certainly be happy to spend some Cryptic points on rectifying it (and letting non-CO Lifetime folks get it as well), but either way I think there should be the option, and it shouldn't take long.