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02-11-2010, 05:52 PM
Originally Posted by Slamz
Even Worf apparently went back to the KDF though. Any who stuck with the Feds would officially be traitors to their people at this point.

But I'm not talking about the player-characters, I mean the random NPCs that spawn, for example in the Ice Mining battle. There's a relatively large number of Klingon-looking NPCs that show up there on the Federation side. IMO, Klingon NPCs working for the Federation should be extremely rare.
Bah, Klingons fight among each other all the time. It makes little difference to the Klingon mindset if their opponent is another Klingon. If anything, humans in ST have a harder time will killing "their own kind" thank Klingons do.

You are more of a traitor to the Klingon people if you abandon your honor, than if you hold to your honor and stay with Starfleet.