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02-11-2010, 05:54 PM
I too find the color palette for both the uniforms and skin tones to be somewhat... dissatisfying.

My captain is currently using a very dark blue for most of her uniform, because the darker colors are actually darker than the dark gray excuse for "black". Some of the uniforms display black differently, for example my Wrath of Khan pants are several shades lighter than the shirt, despite having the same color selected on the palette.

I wanted my captain's skin to be a very light blue color (almost white, really), but I ended up having to go with a medium blue because all of the light blues were too pink. It's not just for skin color either -- everyone's got pink eye (even the NPCs) because the "white" of their eyes is actually light pink. If I wanted a character's skin to be pink, I'd select that color. If I select white, I want it to be white!

I think the selection of colors we have is pretty good, if they actually matched the colors they are supposed to be.