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02-11-2010, 06:49 PM
looks like something from star gate but that wont help. If anything you could try to make it sound like hes part kligon and something else. good story line may be something round the lines of this.

A klingon/??? born on the klingon home world but exiled because of being part of a federation ally blood born.

If you want more to it explain the hardships of his haritage or maby how or why he decided to join starfleet.

If all else fails He could be part of the Neattherworldians as our kind is not one but a whole of millions. Demons, Gods, to simple energy and even androids.

Anything can or anyone can become a Neatherworldians so long as they Touch the planet Andoria and breath the air for 5 minutes then travel to Risa and party and finally dip their feet in the water on Risa.

Strange things happen when that combo is done.