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# 1 PvP Daily Quest?
02-11-2010, 06:59 PM
So I'm looking all over K-7 and "Hail Starfleet" window without luck.

I'm Rear Admiral Grade 5, I didn't finish all of the PvP quests like "Fight in Hostile Engagements 0/15"
Are these pre-requisites? It would take 10 hours to get 15 Hostile engagements played because theres too many feds in queues and no klingons. I never bothered with the quests before because you had to be at K-7 to pick it up and turn it in, which wasn't exactly fun with long queues leveling up.

EDIT: So it's been an hour, I'm told by a few people that they just picked it up from the hail window, so I can only assume that I need to finish all the previous PvP quests. I have a quest to do 15 hostile engagements and 15 border controls. It's been 2 hours in queue, I've been able to get into 2 games total queued solo. This daily quest isn't going to happen till a patch comes to change PvP queues because 30 t5 games isn't going to happen.
(and there's prob another quest after that).
Anyone in T4 I would suggest you finish all PvP quests before you hit T5, there is no t5 PvP.

EDIT2: After speaking to another round of people who answered, "Feds have other PvP quests other that the daily?" I've come to the conclusion my character is bugged and I cannot pick up this quest.