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02-11-2010, 07:08 PM
Short Term
  • Being able to equip/unequip things by dragging to/from the powers bar
    I can't tell you how many times I've dragged a hypo spray from inventory to my powers bar.
  • Automated Defense Battery should not fire at Metreon Gas Pockets in the Briar Patch
    Great way to destroy yourself. Maybe this needs an on/off toggle?
  • Shuttle Pet should be usable in sector space
    we spend so much time there.. let us enjoy our little friend.

Mid Term
  • More ship models/parts per class and rank
    The ones we have are nice, but we would like to see more options. More canon ships (Excelsior, Ambassador, Nebula, Constellation are all common requests) as well as more cryptic designs. More variety in possible shapes, means more fun designing our ships.
  • More hair options
    Particularly long hair, and "Alien Female" hair. There's no "Cardassian forehead compatable" female hairs. throughout the history of star trek, there have been "Strange forehead" aliens.. and not all of their females have "hair all over their forehead". We need some receeding hairlines too.. Cardassians, Klingon females.. and countless others. You've got all those great foreheads, and there's so much variety possible. Let us show it off.
  • Rainbow streaks during flight in sector space
    Just a little something, like the specks that move by when traveling at full impulse.. something that says "hey look warp speed".

Long term
  • Weapons and other devices that modify the look of the ship
    It's great that I can mount the super death beam cannon.. but it would be cooler if mounting it was obvious from just looking at my ship. Add an extra nacelle for more speed, add an extra deflector array for more science power.. Think "kits" for ships. Perhaps these could also enable an additional console on the ship.. like so: The refit slot allows you to take a cruiser (1 tac, 1 sci, 2 eng) and add a weapons modification to it. Some cool weapony thing shows up on the hull.... but this also enables a "Mission Specialist" bridge officer as well (in this case.. tactical). Add an engineering modification to the refit slot, you get an engineering boff slot too.
  • Disable Tactical Displays
    Put simply.. some people are going to want to use STO to make machinema. From beautiful arcing shots of their ship flying through space.. to heated battle scenes. Between the Machinema people, and the hardcore immersionists.. we'd really like an option to be able to not display the blue shield rings, glowing superpower icons, and other effects like "photon torpedo charging rings" etc. This information tends to be available elsewhere on the UI in the form of buff/debuff arrows.. so the ability to hide/show the tactical effects doesn't really give anyone a tactical edge.
  • Transwarp Hubs
    It starts to get really tedious. You can transwarp back to Sol Sector.. but you have to make these tedious long drives to get back where you need to be. There should be one per sector, allowing us to jump from say Sirius Sector, to any sector "on the map". Our ships would appear at the transwarp hub in that sector.. and we could fly around "from there" to where we needed to go.