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Grats on your accomplishments - so far so quickly! Hope your RL wasn't too onerous, and glad to see you back in the game.

I've been leisurely making my way to Lt. Cmdr., ran a few early missions a 2nd time with new fleet members, and am almost ready to trade in my Constitution-Class for a new ship - but I'll miss it! Have collected a few Mark IV items to start my new rank off right (hopefully).

To anyone lurking here and looking for a good Fleet, the VKF is what you've been looking for. We're worldwide, we do medium RP, we have dedicated and casual players, we have organization and structure - all based around our central concept: to enrich and enhance gameplay for our members. We are growing, but have positions of responsibility for those that want it, and comradeship for those who just want to team up with good mates. We are the VKF - join us!

See us at and see if your superior intellect, logical and analytical mind, and zest for STO will help you help us be the most formidable force in the Galaxy!