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02-11-2010, 07:55 PM
Quick changes:
  • Colour code skills on BO based on rarity. This makes it easier to identify and makes keeping a BO and training them more FUN.
  • Allow filtering on all vendor windows. EG BO skill vendor filter to have only space/ground (1 of two) skills and only engineering/science/tactical (1 of the 3).
  • Refund 25-50% of points spent on BO when training it new skills over leveled old ones.

Medium but still urgent changes:
Long term:
  • Missions with multiple outcomes - player choice effects story or rewards.
  • More content: new ships, multiple ships per class tier not just multiple looks, more races, more life in the game EG animals on planets and other races in space.
  • Make ground combat less of a drag.