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02-11-2010, 08:17 PM
Short Term (like NOW) :

1) A way to sort search results at Exchange, for example, by price.

2) A mail system that works properly.

3) Search results that do not reset every time you buy something at the Exchange.

4) A way to mail money from my own toon to one of my own alts. Give me a break.

Short Term (ASAP)

1) TOS tops and skirts for women - and a way to dress my female BOs in them. Oh, I want to dress my male BOs in TOS uniforms too. It feels weird when I am the only officer on the away team that is wearing one.

2) Improve turn rate for Cruisers. I mean the way it is now is pretty horrible.

3) Permit behavior for my toon that NPCs can do. For example if they can shoot at me through an asteroid or a wall, I want to be able to return fire. Seriously, me jumping behind a crate or wall should interrupt enemy attacks. After all, I Have Cover.

4) Improve the follow behavior of BOs on the ground. If you can't do that, then please reduce the number of obstacles to make following easier for them. Some of the rooms are just ridiculously cluttered. Come on, guys.

5) Remove the various things that interrupt a Captain's progress while warping across sector space. Point A to point B, in the straightest possible line, please. Don't keep asking me if I want to do something else. I already told you what I want to do.

Mid-Term (less urgent)

1) Drastically reduce the number of asteroids. Cut the current number to one tenth of what it is, or less. Space is supposed to be spacious. I can't see the pretty stars because of all the dang asteroids.

2) Remove those stupid "bring us ten shrubberies" missions, unless you are going to let us beam down to search for shrubberies. Who are these bums who are asking for handouts? It's supposed to be an "unknown planet". I want to go ashore to do tasks for them, and maybe thereby earn their membership in the UFP... or something.

3) Fix mission descriptions so they tell you what sector your mission is in, and give a hint on how to get there. I see you are already making progress in this area, thank you, keep it up.


1) More content, more variety in content.

a) I particularly would like to see missions where the action takes place aboard my own ship. After all, in Star Trek, much of what happened actually happened on the ships. Ship interiors, and missions that are set there, would be nice. Storage in my own quarters would be nice!

b) How about some light-hearted, fun "missions" like get a date while on leave? You should be ordered to take leave, and while on leave you could have personal goals or promises to shipmates that you need to fulfill. There could be action: you could possibly be mugged, for example, by would-be thieves.

c) War or no war, Star Trek at its heart is not about war. We need discovery and diplomatic missions, and I like the idea of a playable civilian class. How about mercenaries and merchants?

Probably never going to happen but maybe someday...

1) I'd like to be able to give my toons more varied expressions. God forbid they should ever crack a smile, but can I maybe someday turn up the corners of their mouths or eyes just a little bit?