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02-11-2010, 09:54 PM
Originally Posted by SaintHazard View Post
Why do people buy energy credits? There's nothing to buy with them. I have a terrible habit of spending mine on frivolous bullsh*t and I still have a solid 100k or so sitting around waiting to be spent.

And I have 4k merit stacked up and nothing to spend it on. Currency in this game is kinda weird that way.
100k! 4k Merits! !

I just looked and I have 1.7mil energy and 12k merits. something in the neighborhood of 450+ 1st exploration badges and I'm not even gonna say what the amount is for the second. To boot I have 17 full stack of readings and 8 stacks nearly full.

I earn between 100-300k energy in 2 hours maby more. And I am only Lt. Commander 10.

Gold spammers can go shove it up their hind quarters because imo I can *if I ever broke the the terms of agreement which i wont* I could make more from my energy more then they could in a week. Awsome gear to. mainly from missions.

Energy is so easy to obtain and anyone who pays for in game gold may as well jump off a cliff because thats how *NOT* worth it it is worth lol.