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# 22 needs work
02-11-2010, 10:15 PM
I agree it needs a revamp for many of the reasons above. I enjoy playing on both sides of the pvp, group or pug... but last time i played it was just wierd.

I zoned in and was held instantly before i even got the chat to attack. exposed and dead. fine no big. respawn... another klingon at respawn point along back wall. exact same thing...couldnt even move an inch. was killed 8 times rapid succession without being even able to click a single thing... and all could see in chat was it happening to a lot of other players in the zone chat.

Was the fastest failure 0-40 have ever been in. Never had a chance. gave up playing on ground pvp from fed side after that as wasnt fun at all. willl try again some other time, but that was beyond wierd and annoying. make it that non-fun and no one will be queue'n up at whats the point if you are not even able to move, get set up or take more then a step.