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Originally Posted by Slamz
This sounds like another facet of a debate I think of as "Roleplaying" vs "Making Crap Up".

Roleplaying means you're living in a world created by someone else and are roleplaying as a character within that universe. This means that if you are a Klingon in Star Trek, you are a warrior with a racial superiority complex. You can roleplay it however you like, so long as you are basically Klingon.

Making crap up is when you go into a well established world and do something entirely outside the story of that world. You're no longer roleplaying in the traditional sense and are simply making crap up. It's like a D&D player simply telling the GM that he has a laser gun. He has stopped roleplaying and started making crap up. Similarly, being an alien in the KDF is basically making crap up. Playing a Klingon with the name "Daisy" who only talks of love, peace and smoking pot would also be making crap up.

"Telling your own story" can be entirely contrary to and destructive of real rolelaying.
Well established becomes an interesting point, if you look at all the licensed materials about Klingons. FASA had a Star Trek table top game predating ST:TNG and many people knew of another game from point in time called Star Fleet Battles.

Both made it clear that Klingons used servator races extensively. This was true, even to the majority of their forces. You can think of it as Klingons were officers and the servant races were the enlisted majority.

In fact, the servant races were the reason for the D-7 and later K'Tinga designs. Much like Federation saucer separation, the forward boom could be separated so a crew could live to fight another day, if the battle was over and the ship simply too injured, rather than die from something bland like radiation.

The non klingons would be left behind with the main warp reactors. Such was their fate in the 23rd century.

Another facet to this older idea was KDF worked a bit like the American National Guard. Why aren't we invading Sol system at will as Klingon players? That's because we're KDF and not the Klingon Imperial Navy.

Our fuction is protecting the homeland(s), not being the tip of the spear. It's a matter of discipline and honor that we do not neglect that sacred duty.

This less desired warrior station makes it possible for other races to captain ships (nobles and Imperial decendants would claim the flasher KIN spots). Again, in this old idea, we would be KDF, not KIN.

The prolonged wars may have whittled the forward KIN force to nothing. Thus, there is more oppurtunity than in times past.

FASA had some interesting ideas why Klingons looked the way they did in TOS as well. Klingons were the genetic experts of the galaxy and actually fused races to make it easier to spy on them. There were Klingon / Human fusions and Klingon / Romulan fusions. Perhaps your Fed toon, that you unlocked Klingon with, is something like this.

I tend to FASA's ideas on TOS Klingons a lot better as an explaination than things brought up in DS9 and Enterprise. The mix of races seems to be a good thing to me. Klingons still need numbers to fight the unending wars. That means conscription of able bodies to make up gaps.

Klingons are a long lived race after all. They don't reproduce their numbers as fast as humans seem to. As ST always quietly proves, Earthers are the rabbits of the universe...