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02-11-2010, 09:33 PM
I think people would care much less if the matches were still 15 kills to endgame. I doubt I'll ever grasp why they thought it was a good idea to massively increase character defense AND raise the cap to 40.

Imbalances and issues hurt the ego much less if people don't feel stuck. The 40 death match makes people zoning in solo feel trapped.

That said, I became a lifer for the ground pvp. After 7 years of PVP in MMORPGs, after lots of stupid grinding, I love this side of the game.

To me it's the most wild west thing in STO, even with its flaws. I also love grinding, making money and getting badges for something I would do for free anyway.

At heart, every pvper loves logging in game and shooting people in the face. It's awesome to do to friends or strangers. =)