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02-11-2010, 10:00 PM
Originally Posted by DRD1812
I fail to see how anyone could drop all shields and have a chance after LTCmdr I've had fights where a torp gets through my shield and hits me for a little over 6000dmg. I've also found that anything +3 or greater can drop my easy task I think as I'm an Engineer in a Cruiser. So afk fighting isn't something I'd swear by at Commander.

Seems a lot of the "its too easy" crowd are in Escorts. Full power to weapons, 10km out drop to a crawl, rapid fire, high yield, spam forward shield...dead enemies. If you choose not to play that way the fights are a bit tougher.

I've had a few grueling fights...nothing like the start of OB but not too bad. That said I would not wish a return to those levels for EVERY SINGLE FIGHT. That IMO would just be too much.

On the ground those Psychic Guards seem to have my number. I just finished the Taris mission....I've never died so much.....30sec to a team wipe that was harsh.....
I'm in an escort but i'm not stupid enough to use rapid cannons at a range over 5km. Anyone who flies an escort would know the damage drop off is ridiculous.

The difficulty is far too easy, I've stopped using my Defiant and switched to a Galaxy for the moment to see if that would make a difference but to be honest it really doesn't. You end up winning all the same, Sure you give out less DPS but you take literally no hull damage at all.