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02-11-2010, 10:25 PM
This scenario has never worked. Not once, not ever. In the entire time of Closed Beta, Open Beta and Launch, it has been broken.

You are supposed to scan 8 decryption nodes, then kill 4 repair hulks. Yeah they are listed as hubs or whatever, which is a step up from with they were just "Object". Once you do that, your team should win, you should get PvP rewards (xp, merits, badges, credits) and you should also receive credit for the Lt 6 Mission, Neutral Zone Diplomacy.

None of that works and it has never worked correctly. I mean not even one time. What's happening now is you can "win" the scenario by completing objectives, but you get no reward, no mission credit.

The ground resource battle, on Otha System has worked before, for 2 weeks during Closed Beta. The hostages spawned, you could save them, upload viruses and win. You got your rewards and the missions updated properly. The only problem was, you were stuck on the surface of the planet until a GM could port you out.

Now, the hostages no longer spawn in the Otha System battle, and it's back to being broken.

There's your history of Resource Battles for the last 8 months. I doubt anyone at Cryptic is even aware just how broken these have been, and continue to be.