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02-11-2010, 10:59 PM
Add in melee Weapons For feds. I'm not looking for anything like "Plasma swords" But if my tactical tree has Martial arts training I should be able to switch to a sword in close combat. All my enemies do.

Improve the exchange.
If I'm looking for a Commander level Tactical kit I should be able to filter down to just those kits.

Give me the ability to buy in bulk. Relief missions require x Number of items to aid the planet. so If i decided I want to stock pile supplies I have buy each one individual and ok each purchase. if I want to buy 200 commodities it requires 400 clicks.

Autofire all beam and cannon weapons while in space. and basic shot when on the ground.

more item's in the C-store worth buying...
Maybe upgrades for the pre-order items. or borg bridge officers.


Add more clearly marked starbases or planets where players can go to trade or bank.

Add in explore mission where you might actually find something worth having. A piece of tech that's non trade and unique from a down ship or extinct race.

give the ability to plot a course from the bridge and have the ship fly the course while you are doing other stuff .

You don't get the feeling that you are the captain of a star ship. It feels like you're going at it alone. you can't tell your helmsman to keep the target in front of you or keep you strongest shield facing the target.
You can't assist in repairs or move about the ship. There no ready rooms or personal quarters.

Add in the ability to learn from your crew. As a tactical officer i should be able to go spar with my klingon tactical officer to improve my stat in melee combat. Or have my vuclan science officer teach me about warp core theory or treating or tachyon beams to get bonuses.

allows us to have ship to ship combat from the bridge and do things like repel borders.

The game needs a trader economy is its going to last.

Tactical - Makes personal and ship weapons
engineers - personal shields and ship equipment
science - makes kits and consoles

introduce a civilian class where those that want to can play as miners and merchants.