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# 1 Hotkeys for Energy Presets!
02-12-2010, 12:21 AM
I guess this doesn't affect those of you that don't fiddle with presets, but as a cruiser captain i have a preset for attack, tanking, turning, and running that I use quite often. It would be very useful if there was a way to map this to a shortcut.

thanks for your attention!

Update: there is a workaround

Originally Posted by SquadraCorse
You can use the following keybinds to map the power presets to whatever keys you like. Just copy & paste or retype them into the chat like you would any other / command. You can change F9-F12 to whatever keys you want (F1-F4, A-Z, 1-0, Space, Delete, etc.). They're in the same order they appear on the power setting control - 0=Attack, 1=Defense, 2=Speed and 3=Balanced. Search the forums for "keybinds" if you want to learn more.

Hope that helps,

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/Bind F9 GenButtonClick PowerLevel_Preset_0
/Bind F10 GenButtonClick PowerLevel_Preset_1
/Bind F11 GenButtonClick PowerLevel_Preset_2
/Bind F12 GenButtonClick PowerLevel_Preset_3