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02-12-2010, 12:42 AM
Originally Posted by Rosvik
I am wondering if they automatically use the appropriate device when their health / shield strength goes below a certain percentage? If so, is it worth trying to keep them stocked up?
They'll use 'em faster than you can supply them with things. And with the current state of ground combat, no, there really is no reason to give them the items, unless you're just going to destroy them anyway. Once you get your guys (and yourself) out of the starting gear, ground combat is easy. Maybe you'd want to hand them some if you ever run into a fight that does give you some trouble. But that would be a rarity.

Also, if a BO is incapacitated (dies) and you revive them, do they lose any of those items? I wouldn't think they would, since they retain their Personal Shield, Body Armor and Weapon.
They don't lose items.