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# 1 Deep Space Nine Wormhole?
02-12-2010, 01:48 AM
I had my first trip to deep space nine last night as i thought i would have a fly around cardassian space - saw some very nice large ships (compared to my little escort!).

I went into the DS9 system and was excited to see the wormhole (not knowing if it was there or not) and to my surprise it was... but... it doesn't look anything like what we see in the show! it looks for much of a better word... horrible.

To me it looked like a spiral blue galaxy with a bright yellow exploding centre, I was quite dissappointed to be honest!

Now i'm sure in the past i have played a star trek game which has got the wormhole correct (although i can't remember which one)

other than the wormhole i found DS9 quite nice, had a little run around the prominard looked at the stuff i couldn't buy (being at lvl3) then went on my way back to federation space.

does anyone else think the wormhole looks rubbish or is it just me?