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02-12-2010, 01:53 AM
Hi there, and welcome.

First, to add people to your Friends list, you must know their @handle. To add someone to your Friends list in-game, open your Social window (O key) and go to the Friends tab. Type the @handle in the text box at the bottom (e.g., type in @Matt_Dravis to add me). This will send a notification to that person, and they must accept it in order for you to see them in your Friends list.

Another way to add Friends in-game is to click on the name of a person in chat, then right-click the name, then select 'Add Friend' (or an option similar to that). You can also do this by right-clicking on a player character -- target them, right-click their target frame.

To search for someone, open the Social window (O key), go to the Search tab, and you will be presented with different fields to search: character name, handle, Fleet name.

Lastly, to create a Fleet you must (currently) first be the leader of a 5-player team. This means you must 'Invite to team' 4 other players. You can do this by right-clicking their name or character (as described above) and selecting 'Invite to team'. Once your team is full (i.e., 5 players including yourself), you must then visit the Fleet Ambassador NPC on Earth Spacedock, or the appropriate Fleet NPC on Qo'nos.

Once you have formed your fleet using that NPC, you will see the additional option to 'Invite to Fleet' whenever you right-click a player's name or character. You can similarly do this through the Fleet window (down-arrow next to your minimap; you can also keybind the Fleet window using the Key Binds game menu).

Hope that helps.