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02-12-2010, 02:21 AM
Short-term requests
-Klingon PVE content: simply mirror most of the Federation content until hand-tailored missions can be properly developed and released
-T4/T5 Federation cruiser (base) turn rate: increase to 6 or 7 please!
-Re-spec Option: available by in-game means (not requiring real-life money!) for shuffling player skills

Mid-term requests
-Diminishing Returns on chaining/stacking and stunlocks: across the board on all consoles and bridge officer abilities (e.g., Reverse Shield Polarity stacking), including ground holds
-PVP Queues and Rankings: separate team queues from individual queues, and provide ranked brackets (and match-making)
-PVE Difficulty: more difficult content that mirrors PVP difficulty, or give us a difficulty slider

Long-term requests
-Persuasion: Diplomacy or Intimidation skills and missions
-Adventure: branching (decision-tree) missions and stories
-Open PVP: multi-tier 'fleet' level engagements that reward participation (and not simply DPS or hull repair) and compensate/encourage lower level players to participate