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02-12-2010, 03:27 AM
Originally Posted by Lakura_Horis
that helps tremendosly, thanks very much apreciate the help, just hadn't seen much about the 2 topics in the forums so figured i would ask about them, thanks again!!

edit : so going by how you explained about the fleet stuff, you cant just have 2 player fleets? coz i was wanting more of just me and a friend roaming around rather then having 3 or 4 other players we dont know in the fleet
No worries.

Regarding the Fleet size, you must start with 5 different players (including yourself).

I have not tested whether or not there is a minimum constraint of 5 different @handles (player accounts) -after- forming. You can certainly try by removing the 3 additional players from your Fleet.

On a separate but related note, in order to get your other characters into the Fleet, you must grant one of your Fleet members -- presumably your friend -- the invite power, and have them invite your characters in. (You must be logged on a character in order to be invited.)